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  1. Re: [CALBIRDS] Violet-crowned Hummingbird still here LINK
    DATE: Jul 9, 2018 @ 11:24am, 4 month(s) ago
    For what it's worth, if I recall correctly from my viewing of
    Violet-crowned Hummingbird at Ramsey Cyn (Mile-High Lodge) in
    Arizona, 6/28/82, it was the least frequent visiting species of all
    those then present. One male bird would come only to one particular
    feeder, take a quick feed, leave, and return about 45 minutes later.
    If you weren't looking intently during the proper few seconds, you'd
    miss it and have another 45-minute wait. It was always silent.
    I mention this in case this is typical behavior for this species. Be
    patient and stay alert. (We need more lerts.)
    Chuck Almdale
    North Hills, CA.
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