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  1. RE: [CALBIRDS] CBRC News: Two new species accepted to CA list LINK
    DATE: May 14, 2018 @ 6:55pm, 5 month(s) ago
    Kimball et al.
    There is a recent paper that resolves the Citrine Wagtail issue:
    Drovetski et. Al. 2018. Multi-locus reassessment of a striking discord
    between mtDNA gene trees and taxonomy across two congeneric species
    complexes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 120 (2018) 43-52.
    They suggest that the mitochondrial data misrepresents the actual
    evolutionary history of the lineages, but sorts out on geography. But the
    multi-locus data confirm the traditional taxonomy. The bottom line is, that
    the Old School taxonomy is correct, and for birders that means that if it
    looks like a Citrine Wagtail, it is a Citrine Wagtail.
    Alvaro Jaramillo
    From: < > On Behalf Of
    Kimball Garrett kgarrett@... [CALBIRDS]
    Sent: Monday, May 14, 2018 2:57 PM
    Subject: [CALBIRDS] CBRC News: Two new species accepted to CA list
    The California Bird Records Committee has accepted records of two species
    new to the California state list:
    Band-rumped Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma castro) at SE Farallon Island, San
    Francisco Co., 10-11 Nov 2017 (2017-130); and
    Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola) at Yolo Bypass, Yolo Co., 15-16 Dec
    2017 (2017-160)
    Note that each of these species comes with taxonomic uncertainties.
    "Band-rumped Storm-Petrel" may represent a complex of several species; there
    are perhaps four distinct populations within the Pacific Ocean alone, and
    each of these differs from the up-to-five distinct taxa in the Atlantic
    Ocean (see Petrels, Albatrosses and Storm-Petrels of North America by S. N.
    G. Howell, Princeton Univ. Press, 2012). Citrine Wagtail and
    Eastern/Western Yellow Wagtails form another confusing complex (see Pipits
    and Wagtails by P. Alstrom and K. Mild, Princeton Univ. Press, 2003); mtDNA
    work had suggested that the two clades of Citrine Wagtail were each more
    closely related to different Yellow Wagtail clades than to each other, but
    nuclear DNA work appears to confirm the distinctness, and monophyly, of
    Citrine Wagtail.
    Another potential state first, a Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)
    aboard a ship offshore of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, 17 May
    2016 (2016-150), was not accepted due to questionable natural occurrence.
    The addition of the storm-petrel and wagtail brings the California state
    list to 671 species. Thanks to Joe Morlan, the CBRC web site has already
    been updated with this information:
    Kimball L. Garrett
    [CBRC Spokesperson]
    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
    900 Exposition Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA
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