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  1. RE: [CALBIRDS] Eider a steller bird or a joke? LINK
    DATE: Mar 12, 2018 @ 7:09am, 6 month(s) ago
    Thanks to Rob, Elias, Alan, and Jeff for their clarifications (either in the list serve or in private replies).Since I started this rant, I just wanted to emphasize that I was not at all trying to cast birders inCalifornia's great Northwest in a negative
    light -- obviously the talent up there is phenomenal, and they must deal with weather issues that we never see down here in the south. I was simply trying to understand why there was no public word about this mega-rarity, especially in light of ongoing discussions
    about the relevance of a statewide list serve.
    I would suggest that Calbirds is still a critical link in the communications chain about statewide rarities (a fourth state record certainly qualifies, even if yet another central coast/Bay Area Harlequin Duck or a twelfth-of-spring Hooded Oriole might not).
    Further, I would suggest that, with a bird this rare, getting word out about a "probable" (and I agree the brief eBird descriptions sound promising, and the observers are excellent) hasmany advantages and few drawbacks.
    Kimball L. Garrett Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 900 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA (213) 763-3368 kgarrett@...
     From: Rob Fowler [migratoriusfwlr@...]
    Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2018 9:15 PM
    Subject: Re: [CALBIRDS] Eider a steller bird or a joke
    Hi all,
    As far as I can tell there probably is a Stellerís Eider here in Humboldt County. Many parties have tried to see this bird so far and weather and ocean conditions have confounded most parties except for a party of four that reportedly saw the bird yesterday
    afternoon, despite birders looking in the morning, too.
    Jeff Allen first noted this possible sighting to a couple of us on Wednesday but wasnít comfortable with calling it 100%, despite having previous experience with this species in Alaska. Jeff briefly saw the bird again on Friday and thought it was probably
    the same bird and became more confident about the bird after looking at some photos online of the recent Oregon female Stellerís. I then decided to let birders know on our back channel Humboldt birders Facebook chat about this possibility yesterday morning
    but held off posting it publicly because Jeff was still not 100% on it (but overall felt pretty good about it). A couple of parties tried yesterday and only one party reportedly saw the bird in the afternoon. I think they probably did see the bird but I think
    that people might understand that we do want more locals to also see it and 100% confirm it despite the decent details that were included in the eBird report that got posted on the eBird alerts. I hope the observers donít take this as a slight in their abilities
    because it is certainly not meant to be.
    It is worth noting that Jeff Allen discovered last years Common Pochard, discovered a female King Eider north of Redwood Creek in 2014, and has found many other notable birds.
    So as it stands right now there is probably a female Stellerís Eider with scoters north of the Redwood Creek mouth here in Humboldt County but as of yet few have gotten eyes on it due to mostly to weather and ocean conditions at this location. It can be
    a tough spot to get good looks at many of the birds and today the fog rolled in for most of the day and hampered viewing for most of it.
    We will promptly report the sighting more widely with more details once we got this bird 100% firmed up...if we do.
    Some of us will be looking for this bird tomorrow before rain comes in for most of the upcoming week.
    Also, it is worth noting that I and others are easily reachable via the various modern methods of communication and could have been asked directly about this.
    Stay tuned,
    Rob Fowler
    McKinleyville, CA
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    From: Jim Lomax
    sdrib@... [CALBIRDS] < >
    Date: Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 7:11 PM
    Subject: Re: [CALBIRDS] Eider a steller bird or a joke
    To: CALBIRDS < >
     I, along with others I talked to, determined from the deafening silence that the report was bogus.
    On Mar 11, 2018, at 5:47 PM, Kimball Garrett
    kgarrett@... [CALBIRDS] < > wrote:
    I am assuming that since a bird representing a fourth California record, and the first record in over 26 years (which is greater than the birding lifetime of most current California birders) has not
    merited even a single posting to this statewide list serve or to the local (NWCalbirds) list serve,either (1) the sighting is well-known to be bogus and has been summarily dismissed by Humboldt birders), or (2) list serves have now officially and completely
    outlived any function in disseminating news of rare birds. Could somebody closer to the scene please enlighten the rest of us birders on the status of the reported female Steller's Eider at the mouth of Redwood Creek, Humboldt Co.on 10 March
    Kimball L. Garrett Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 900 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90007
    USA (213) 763-3368 kgarrett@...
    Rob Fowler
    McKinleyville, CA
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