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  1. Gyrfalcon YES-Near Salinas River SB, Potrero Enterance LINK
    DATE: Feb 7, 2018 @ 9:46pm, 9 month(s) ago
      This afternoon, at 2:15ish I spotted the GYRFALCON from Molera Rd in Monterey County.  This was looking northwest  towards the Salinas River State Beach Potrero Entrance, where others apparently, had seen the bird in the morning (and on other occasions).    From Molera Road, I scanned from the northern most point, before the road turns east back to hwy. 1.  I chose this spot, despite the distance from the area the bird had previously been seen, but for the better lighting (I was looking northwest rather than south into the afternoon sun).  
      The bird was perched ever so slightly on the east slope of the dunes above a willow patch.  It took off when a Northern Harrier flushed it, and headed north, at first on the east side of the dunes, but then to the oceanside headed north.  A few gulls flushed. 
      The bird had been facing east when perched, so I saw the large size, streaky breast, and a distant impression of the facial pattern.  Confirmation of the ID was when the bird took off in flight; falcon flight and broader winged esp. at wing tips than a peregrine. 
      Nine hours of searching, about 2 minutes of birding bliss.     
      Afterwards, I searched from the Potrero Entrance from 2:45-3:45ish without success. 
       Best of luck,
    Mark Kudrav
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