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  1. Re: [CALBIRDS] Are Regional/County Listservs Still Relevant? [a bit long] LINK
    DATE: Jan 12, 2018 @ 2:48pm, 9 month(s) ago
    The local list I run (SBB) is as busy as it was five years ago, or busier, and itís membership is growing. Itís 4x when I took it on about ten years ago, and about 1/3 larger than it was 18 months ago.
    It uses eBird heavily as a resource and a reference. But they donít see it as a replacement.
    So I guess the question is whether on other lists anyoneís been working to make them interesting and relevant or just letting them idle away on their own Are new members welcomed, ignored or is the first email they get something telling them they did it wrong (And weíre far from perfect here but I think we try)
    What resources exist to make it useful Maps References
    Lists donít exist without some work; they atrophy or die. With a bit of nurturing they can do quite well. One of the things Iíve been talking about on the back burner is formally setting up SBB to be affiliated with SCVAS rather than independent, in part because I think it makes a lot of sense in terms of marketing and outreach in both directions, and to help give it a reason for existence to avoid that slow death by being ignored. (And on my 2018 list is to completely rewrite the list intro docs to make them accurate and useful again).
    A couple of years ago I tried to float an idea out to various people about a complete re-org and rethink of the state lists, in part because I was worried (frankly I still am) the Yahoo might well not want to keep Yahoogroups. Now under Verizon I donít think that worry has changed much, and there are still noticeable system issues that you can see if you know what to look for (most telling: periods where all messages donít get delivered for hours at a time then all show up in one huge batch). What I heard pretty clearly was that nobody really wanted to think about it because it wasnít a crisis, so I dropped it.
    I still think we could move beyond what we have and make it a lot better (perhaps through use of something like Slack, perhaps with email) but Iím not planning on trying to start that discussion again, but Iíd be happy to join one if it happens.
    I still think theyíre very much relevant, but that we kind of ignore them and take them for granted and donít really work to make them better or keep them healthy. I do think they could be a lot better than they could be. Iíd love to see some coordinated thing organized through Audubon CA so theyíre consistent and easily findable and they both outreach birders to the lists and list members to Audubon.
    And since Iím a community manager by trade and an email list nerd by my past, Iíd be happy to help people who want to work on their lists or on making all of this better.
    On Jan 12, 2018, at 2:18 PM, Paul Lehman lehman.paul@... [CALBIRDS] < > wrote:
    It is pretty obvious that over the past few years that many of the local/county/regional/state listservs have become less and less relevant to a large number of birders, as many of these people have voted with their feetÖ.er, fingertipsÖ.and moved over to other sites such as eBird.
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