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  1. Rained Upon Raptors Perched Pissily at Sacramento NWR LINK
    DATE: Nov 10, 2017 @ 11:15am, 10 month(s) ago
    Wednesday morning, my husband and I drove past the Sacramento NWR on our way home from a mushroom hunting trip in OR, and couldn't resist a quick drive along the Refuge's loop road. It was raining, and had rained prior to our arrival. Everywhere we looked there were wet raptors in trees. The turkey vultures were hanging their wings out to dry, as they are wont to do. An annoyed, soaked Coopers hawk sat perched and sheltered in a willow tree, with tail fully fanned whilst she preened. A proud raven, only slightly bigger than the hawk, with fluffed up face and neck feathers, flew slow circles above her tree, just to let her know just who was large and in charge. Redtails were everywhere, and like us, waiting for the sun. Best hawk was a beautiful Peregrine, perched above the ponds in a lone tree, and cleaning off the remains of her morning meal. The waterbirds paddled placidly below her. Timing is everything.
    Debbie Viess, Oakland
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