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  1. 10/11--Pt. Pinos Seawatch/Monterey Seabirds Pelagics/BOBOLINKS (2)-Carmel Valley LINK
    DATE: Oct 11, 2017 @ 3:06pm, 11 month(s) ago
    All,    This morning a gentle NW wind brought decent birds to the Point Pinos Seawatch.  Brian Sullivan was also there.
      Some nice birds included:
    Brian called out one SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATER, though I didn't get a diagnostic look myself.
      A previously reported female LESSER SCAUP and two CACKLING GEESE were on Crespi Pond.
     Two BOBOLINKS were found yesterday on the South Bank Trail in Carmel Valley, I believe by Carol Rose. Sorry if I got that wrong.  One was reported this morning.  I missed them today after two hours of searching. Also there today were a SWAMP SPARROW, NASHVILLE WARBLERS, and two PALM WABLERS.
    eBird reports have location details but they were in the weedy field adjacent to the main grassy field.  A long fence splits the fields. 
    Lastly, MONTEREY SEABIRDS has our last two pelagic birding trips coming up. Sunday Oct. 15- 8-hr
    Monday Oct. 16- 12-hr
    The long range weather is looking good for those trips.  We hope to get fairly far offshore on the 12-hour trip.  It should be a blast.  
    We'd like to fill both trips, so we're offering a great deal.  If you book both trips, we'll give you 50% off on the 12-hour trip . That makes that trip just $80 dollars!
    Call (831) 375-4658 or visit to make a reservation.
    I failed to do a trip report of our last trip on Oct. 1 but we did find a SOUTH POLAR SKUA, hundreds of BULLER'S SHEARWATERS, a few ASHY STORM-PETRELS, 3 COMMIC TERNS and a pair of black and white MURRELET Spp.
    Looking forward to a strong NW wind the next couple of days (including overnight) .  It should make for some great seawatching at the point. 
    Good Birding, 
    Mark Kudrav
    Pacific Grove
    Monterey Seabirds-
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