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  1. Humboldt County Cassin's Sparrow LINK
    DATE: Oct 7, 2017 @ 10:23pm, 12 day(s) ago
    Hi all, New-birder-to-Humboldt, Noah Sanday, found a CASSIN'S SPARROW along I St at the Arcata Marsh. He got wonderful diagnostic photos (see here: ) and got the word out quickly on the Humboldt Birders facebook chat. Many of the locals got to see it. This is the first record for the Arcata Marsh and is the 332nd species recorded for this location. This is the 2nd Cassin's Sparrow to be confirmed by others in Humboldt County and will likely be the 3rd record accepted by the CBRC. 
    The bird was present mostly on the salt marsh side of I street west of the McDaniel Slough restoration area south to the large patch of coyote brush on the west side of the road before the I Klopp Lake parking lot. It was skulky but would regularly perch out in the open on driftwood. 
    Of much lesser note was (after doing some research a little bit ago) a dark morph Rough-legged Hawk seen at quite the distance foraging over Mad River Slough. Since I am posting this also to Calbirds I won't get into details on why it was/is a dark morph RLHA but will include details in my eBird list later when I finally get around to submitting it. 
    Also, a DICKCISSEL was reported later in the day from the Ferndale Bottoms by Lizzie Feucht. 
    Sorry for the late post but Noah isn't yet on NWCALBIRD and I've been busy all day after the Cassin's chase and, since nobody else posted anything about this, thought that I would.
    Rob Fowler
    McKinleyville, CA
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