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  1. Elegant Terns again this spring in Central CA LINK
    DATE: May 3, 2017 @ 8:38pm, 6 month(s) ago
    Hi folks     Interestingly, once again Elegant Terns are showing up and displaying way up here in the central part of the state. They showed up in the last few days of April in Monterey-Santa Cruz, and made it to San Mateo – Marin by May 1. They are calling, displaying and generally acting as if it was Baja California around here. The last couple of seasons that this has happened the water was extremely warm down south, they were exploring to the north perhaps looking for alternative breeding sites, and eventually they went south again. During the very warm water years in Baja the last few seasons, a sizeable number (most) have moved up to breed in Southern California, rather than the food depleted areas that were too hot for them in Baja. This year there was a warm burst in the Sea of Cortez, and now it seems to be closer to the norm. I am not sure how things are going on there right now. In any case, it strikes me as odd that the Elegants are once again coming up here in spring to scout. It makes me wonder if the behavior has gotten “entrapped” in some individuals and that in the end it could mean they may find a nesting site somewhere around here at our latitude       This is the eBird map for Elegant Tern in the last couple of months:   By the way, tons of Bonaparte’s are around coastally as well, I would say much more than usual.   good birding, Alvaro   Alvaro Jaramillo alvaro@...  
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