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  1. Offshore County lists and mobile phones LINK
    DATE: Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:50pm, 29 day(s) ago
    My Offshore maps are mobile phone friendly and the app has a locate icon on the left hand side that captures your location. If you are out on the ocean ebirding with your mobileclick that icon andit will zoom to your location and show you what county you are in.
    From home or mobile, cut and paste a latitude andlongitude separated by a comma, into the search box, click the magnifying glass and it will zoom to those coordinates
    You can print the map, change the basemap e.g. to oceans, satellite or topo. Use the measure tool to measure distances. You can zoom the map, turn layers on and off. Try the layer icon upper right.
    You can add a point to the map. Click on the map, a popup box will appear, click the 3 dots in the lower right and click add marker, if you print the map it will print your markers. I hope to add a feature where you can add a bird name to the marker, future enhancement.
    Changing the basemap to oceans, will show some pretty neat under sea canyons and ocean features.
    Poke around, click some icons and try some stuff.
    All this is for free! And I promise you no personal information is ever captured on any of my sites.
    I do this only for the love of birding and programming.
    Please let me know if the app works well or not!
    Check out my other apps here: https://kurtrad.maps.arcgis.com
    Kurt Radamaker
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