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· Common Ringed Plover images (TODAY)
· Offshore County lists and mobile phones (Oct 17, 2018)
· Offshore County's (Oct 17, 2018)
· Offshore County Map (Oct 16, 2018)
· Common Ringed Plover 10/15 (Oct 15, 2018)
  1. Common Ringed Plover images LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 1:20pm
    To my many friends and colleagues across the state,
    It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Enjoy three
    images here:
    Side profile:
    Michael Park, Berkeley
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  3. Offshore County lists and mobile phones LINK
    DATE: Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:50pm, 1 day(s) ago
    My Offshore maps are mobile phone friendly and the app has a locate icon on the left hand side that captures your location. If you are out on the ocean ebirding with your mobileclick that icon andit will zoom to your location and show you what county you are in.
    From home or mobile, cut and paste a latitude andlongitude separated by a comma, into the search box, click the magnifying glass and it will zoom to those coordinates
    You can print the map, change the basemap e.g. to oceans, satellite or topo. Use the measure tool to measure distances. You can zoom the map, turn layers on and off. Try the layer icon upper right.
    You can add a point to the map. Click on the map, a popup box will appear, click the 3 dots in the lower right and click add marker, if you print the map it will print your markers. I hope to add a feature where you can add a bird name to the marker, future enhancement.
    Changing the basemap to oceans, will show some pretty neat under sea canyons and ocean features.
    Poke around, click some icons and try some stuff.
    All this is for free! And I promise you no personal information is ever captured on any of my sites.
    I do this only for the love of birding and programming.
    Please let me know if the app works well or not!
    Check out my other apps here: https://kurtrad.maps.arcgis.com
    Kurt Radamaker
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  5. Offshore County's LINK
    DATE: Oct 17, 2018 @ 6:43am, 2 day(s) ago
    This map is open streets map showing the legal and accepted coastal county 3 mile boundary and 12 mile state boundaries.
    Open street maps is widely accepted by the mapping community.
    For islands, the boundaries are 3 miles and 12 mles around the island, so if you are within 3 miles of Catalina Island you are in LA County.
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  7. Offshore County Map LINK
    DATE: Oct 16, 2018 @ 5:19pm, 2 day(s) ago
    I made some improvements to the offshore county maps, enjoy.
    Caveat about maps.
    Offshore County Maps of California, Oregon and Washington
    The geodesic boundaries are calculated using the nearestcounty linelogic. This is not the nearest point of land logic used by the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC), but the closest to a counties outer boundary line. Measuring the distance using the closest point of land logic is problematic. Doing so causes some boundaries to bisect the county's legal boundary. For example, you could be caught speeding within the 3 mile inshore limit in your boat in Orange County by a County Sheriff and you would have to go to court in Orange County, but any birds seen at that same location may be listed in a CBRC report as Los Angeles County.
    The nearest county lines are measured using the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, and Geography Division TIGER Shape files.The coastalcounty shape files extend to3 miles offshore (dotted line) as part of their legal county jurisdiction.Many of the 3 mile county distances are measured from small offshorerocky out cropping's and shoals and not just from the mainland or significant offshore islands. These county boundaries are readily visible for some counties e.g. see Del Norte County in California. Note the boundary around Seal Rock and the St. George Reef which causes the county to extend further offshore. The dark solid line is the twelve mile legal state jurisdiction line. By law, counties stop after 3 miles and the state line is an additional twelve miles.
    It is my personal belief that birds seen up to 3 miles should count for that county and if beyond 3 miles and within the 3-15 mile state boundary only count for the state. Any bird sightings beyond the 15 mile state line would only count for your ABA list.
    The CBRC states on their website that "The Committee reviews records only at the state level. It makes no formal decisions regarding the county in which a particular bird at sea may have occurred, beyond listing the nearest point of land in published reports and in its database." So you are free to use this map as your county list reference. it is totally up to you if you want your county to extend 3, 15 or 200 miles.
    For an explanation of how these county boundaries have been established by the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC).
    A special thanks to a few folks who provided feedback and direction.
    Elias Elias, Paul Lehman, and Alvaro Jaramillo
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  9. Common Ringed Plover 10/15 LINK
    DATE: Oct 15, 2018 @ 4:55pm, 3 day(s) ago
    The Common Ringed Plover was easily viewed today from my arrival at 10:00 until 11:00. Eric Lichtwardt and I were the only two birders during that time, although others were arriving as I left.
    The bird was along the crest of the sandy berm that separates the lagoon from the beach. Its about where you would imagine that the lagoon will breach later this winter. The bird was with the Snowy Plovers - and acted as though he had little to no fear of humans. Id say this bird doesnt have any experience with humans. I was able to sit and watch quietly from about 30 to my hearts content. That said, this particular spot gets a lot of weekend foot traffic, and even if the bird sticks around for a while I expect that it will eventually find a quieter place - so get there soon while its still resting out in the open.
    Also seen - 6 Pectoral Sandpipers in with a large mixed flock of shorebirds. 1 Red Knot. 1 flyover Red-throated Pipit with some American Pipits. Colin Meusel (on his way out) informed me of an American Bittern on the north pond as you walk in.
    I will have several extremely detailed photos of the Common Ringed Plover on my eBird report and my flickr feed (/amaizlish) in about ten minutes or so.
    Aaron Maizlish
    San Francisco, CA
    On Oct 15, 2018, at 4:36 PM, Matthew Dodder mdodder@... [CALBIRDS] < > wrote:
    Was the Abbotts Lagoon bird seen today, and at what time
    Thank you,
    Matthew Dodder
    Mountain View
    Sent from my iPhone
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  11. Re: [CALBIRDS] Common Ringed Plover RFI LINK
    DATE: Oct 15, 2018 @ 4:47pm, 3 day(s) ago
    Yes. I I will try to forward you today's eBird report.
    On Mon, Oct 15, 2018, 4:38 PM Matthew Dodder mdodder@... [CALBIRDS] < > wrote:
    Was the Abbotts Lagoon bird seen today, and at what time
    Thank you,
    Matthew Dodder
    Mountain View
    Sent from my iPhone
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  13. Common Ringed Plover RFI LINK
    DATE: Oct 15, 2018 @ 4:36pm, 3 day(s) ago
    Was the Abbotts Lagoon bird seen today, and at what time
    Thank you,
    Matthew Dodder
    Mountain View
    Sent from my iPhone
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    DATE: Oct 15, 2018 @ 10:29am, 3 day(s) ago
    Howdy, Birders,
    The highlight of Shearwater Journeys October 13, 2018 Monterey Bay pelagic trip was a MASKED BOOBY, only the third record for Santa Cruz County.
    It was a beautiful, calm day at sea with many highlights, including six species of shearwaters: SOOTY, SHORT-TAILED, PINK-FOOTED, MANX, BLACK-VENTED, and BULLERS. We also had wonderful views of BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS, POMARINE and PARASITIC JAEGERS, SOUTH POLAR SKUA, RED and RED-NECKED PHALAROPES, and RHINOCEROS AUKLETS.
    Marine mammals included at least 20 humpback whales, 150 Pacific white-sided dolphins, 10 Northern right whale dolphins, 28 Rissos dolphins, and one Northern fur seal, and the usual California sea lions and sea otters.
    The MASKED BOOBY was spotted about 11:40 a.m., attracted to the flock of gulls behind our vessel. It made a quick pass, flying rapidly off our bow. A dramatic chase by our Captain Tinker ensued! The booby landed on the sea with a small flock of gulls. Careful approach by our vessel allowed for a positive ID and a great many images! This was a lot of fun!
    Our last pelagic trip of the season is Sunday, OCTOBER 21 with leaders Alex Rinkert, Nick Levendosky, Jim Holmes, Debi Shearwater. Spaces are available. For a reservation, please email me: debi@... .
    The complete species list for OCTOBER 13, 2018 Shearwater Journeys trip covering both MONTEREY/SANTA CRUZ COUNTIES follows:
    COMMON LOON: 7/11
    **MASKED BOOBY: 0/1
    BROWN PELICAN: 115/2
    WESTERN GULL: 365/108
    ELEGANT TERN: 60/0
    COMMON MURRE: 285/185
    WOOD DUCK: 1/0
    WARBLER SP.:1/0
    The leaders for October 13 included: Scott and Linda Terrill, Nick Levendosky, Alex Rinkert, and Debi Shearwater. Special thanks to Nick for carrying my great pyrenees doggie, on and off the boat. It was her first pelagic trip and I think it will be her last! Shes not a sailor dog!
    See you out there! One more trip for 2018!
    Seabirding for Science,
    Debi Shearwater
    Shearwater Journeys, Inc.
    PO Box 190
    Hollister, CA 95024
    Celebrating 43 Years of Seabirding with Shearwater Journeys
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  17. Mourning Warbler at Golden Gate Park - Middle Lake LINK
    DATE: Oct 15, 2018 @ 9:29am, 3 day(s) ago
    Hi all,
    Sorry for the delayed posting to the listservs. Had some technical difficulties. Julia DeMarines and I had a HY Mourning Warbler near Middle Lake in Golden Gate Park yesterday (Sunday) afternoon around 3:30pm. The bird was about 50-100m up the small trail that leads from the parking area on Chain of Lakes Rd to Middle Lake, before reaching Middle Lake. It was foraging low to the ground in some dense vines on the rightside of the trail (leaving the parking lot).
    Expanded version of my notes from eBird:
    Pretty good looks over about 4 minutes as the bird popped in an out of view, sometimes jumping up into the vines ~1 m off the ground before dropping back close to the ground. Stocky Geothlypis warbler, larger than Townsend's Warbler foraging higher in shrubby trees, pale legs. Large flesh colored bill and thin, mostly unbroken white eyering (the rear of the eyering had a hint of a dark line). Grayish hood blending into the darker green back. Yellow from undertail coverts all the way to chin, getting paler on the throat. Relatively long UTC, not as short-tailed as Connecticut Warbler (and lacking that species' surprised, comical facial expression). Long primary projection. MacGillivray's ruled out by throat color, lack of eye arcs, and longer UTC. Plumage superficially similar to Nashville Warbler, but a very different bird structurally. Responded to Mourning Warbler chip call.
    We lost sight of it before moving on down the trail, when it appeared to move further back into the dense vegetation. Here's a rough pin for the spot: 37.767132, -122.499056. The MOWA wasn't associating closely with any other birds.
    Good Birding,
    Frank Fogarty
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  19. Carpinteria Blue-winged Warbler continues LINK
    DATE: Oct 14, 2018 @ 5:46pm, 4 day(s) ago
    Hi Birders
    The BLUE-WINGED WARBLER, a beauty and very hyper, continued in Carpinteria Creek. Between 4:00 and 4:50pm, we saw it on the northeast side of the 8th Street foot bridge, half way up the creek to the Carpinteria Avenue bridge just before the old shack. Orange-crowned Warblers were calling and it was hard to differentiate whether the Blue- winged called. It seemed rather tame as it came very close and it appeared to favor dense leaves and it was very hyper! I ended up taking some highly prized bird-butt photos.
    Bird on!
    Mary & Nick Freeman
    Glendale CA
    Sent from my iPhone
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  21. Common Ringed Plover Oct 14 LINK
    DATE: Oct 14, 2018 @ 5:37pm, 4 day(s) ago
    Apparently only few reports to ebird and none to NBB or Calbirds as far as I can tell today. If they have been posted I apologize. So just to make it known - the Common Ringed Plover was all alone at the NW corner of Abbott's Lagoon at Pt Reyes NS in Marin County today Oct 14 at least until 12:30pm. It was on the 'ridge' of the sand between the lagoon and ocean, as viewed from the lagoon, sitting in a small pile of debris, approx 100 yds away.
    Dave Weber, Milpitas
    By phone
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  23. Blue-winged Warbler contiues Oct 14 LINK
    DATE: Oct 14, 2018 @ 8:11am, 4 day(s) ago
    Continuing along Carpinteria Creek at same location as yesterday, 8:10 am.
    Tom Benson
    San Bernardino, CA
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  25. Blue-winged Warbler, Santa Barbara County, 2018-10-13 LINK
    DATE: Oct 13, 2018 @ 5:08pm, 5 day(s) ago
    This Saturday Nick Lethaby found a Blue-winged Warbler in Carpinteria. Details can befound at the sbcobirding newsgroup:
    Wim van Dam
    Solvang, CA
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  27. make it easier for others to find rare birds LINK
    DATE: Oct 13, 2018 @ 11:01am, 5 day(s) ago
    This is a problem that has plagued me since early in my birding hobby when I tried to find a location is Hayward called Frank's Dump, which was not on any map in the universe (it is now, in eBird). If a location doesn't have a name on eBird, many people try to describe where it is using local references or past postings on the list-serves. This may work to get local birders to a location, but it's hell on out-of-towners or newbies.
    I have sometimes used a screenshot of Google Maps, but I recently learned how to post a lat-long from my phone. Here are the instructions:
    On Google Maps, find your location. Press the little compass symbol in the lower right corner of your screen. This will place a blue dot where you are. Press the blue dot, and you will get a Dropped Pin. Pull up the lower section of the screen so it shows the lat-long. Capture the screenshot, and add it to your post. Voila!
    Screenshots are demo'd in a photo folder called Fining Lat-Long on an iPhone.
    Good birding! and be kind.
    Laurie Graham
    South San Francisco, CA
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  29. Re: [northbaybirds] Common Ringed Plover seen today -10/12? LINK
    DATE: Oct 12, 2018 @ 1:05pm, 6 day(s) ago
    you can see my photos of the plover at
    John Sterling
    26 Palm Ave
    Woodland, CA95695
    530 908-3836
    On Oct 12, 2018, at 12:58 PM, Glen Tepke < g.tepke@... > wrote:
    Yes. It arrived six minutes ahead of schedule at 10:24 on top of the berm between the lagoon and the beach. Stayed there for an hour or so, then started flying around the north end of the lagoon. When it arrived it was associating with Snowy Plovers and Sanderlings rather than Semi Plovers
    Good birding.
    Glen Tepke
    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note9.
    -------- Original message --------
    From: j3m4f5 < john.facchini@... >
    Date: 10/12/18 12:33 PM (GMT-08:00)
    To: northbaybirds@...
    Subject: [northbaybirds] Common Ringed Plover seen today -10/12
    Any reports - positive or negative - of the common ringed plover on 10/12
    John Facchini
    San Francisco
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